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Generally speaking, homeschooling is known as schooling method normally conducted by parents planning curriculum, teaching their kids by themselves and hiring tutors for some particular units. With such method, children are able to spend most of their time outside schoolwith their parents while they still continue their studies to get the entrance into university. This learning method is commonly used by families in Europe and US.

Specifically speaking, Krutoo Homeschool has combined the elements from both homeschool and traditional school. The process starts with “study plan” in which children and parents work out with professional consulting team who is highly experienced in school and university preparation for students for over 10 years. We provide and customize one-on-one mentoring by tutors/teachers who are specializing in certain areas. Apart from tutors’ experience, we also select tutors to match each student’s learning style.






For Prathom 6 or Matthayom 1 (year 6 or year 7) students, they do homeschool for a short period of time to prepare for international entrance examination including students accepted by schools in UK or US who do homeschool for language and academic preparation to get ready before classes commenced.

For Matthayom 2 and Matthayom 3 (year 8 or year 9) students, if they plan to study abroad, UK or US, they may choose homeschooling (1 year IGCSE) during transition period in order to reduce 2 years course (year 10 and year 11) to 1 year course and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

For Thai students (year 12) in Australia or New Zealand, if they plan to move to UK but their academic performance are not satisfied so they can do homeschool during the gap period (1/2 year IGCSE) to finish the missing subjects or regrade to make it possible for favorable university and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

Krutoo (Dr. Chaleomphol Rujinirund), the founder of Krutoo Homeschool, has designed educational method primarily focuses on relationships among parents, children and tutors/teachers. Once they are well-connected, children will be benefited as they will be instructed effectively and efficiently spending as less time as possible to get themselves prepared for further study in leading college and university.